I take responsibility for myself and my wellbeing during these meditations and I understand that 50 Days of Meditation is not meant to replace any medical treatment or mental health therapy (please consult with a physician or doctor if your mental or physical health is compromised).
I agree to undertake these meditations in a quiet space whilst not driving or operating any machinery.
I understand that Creating Inner Balance, Ruth Stanton and 50 Days of Meditation accept no responsibility or liability for any negative or positive side effects that I may experience.
I honour the process which has been undertaken in order to create the 50 Days of Meditation and I will not share, record or transfer the audios or data to anyone else, these meditation are to be used by myself only.
The 50 Days of Meditation is based upon thousands of years of meditation practise from different lineages and is a practise originating from ancient wisdom – there is no evidence to prove it’s effectiveness. However, I intend to make these meditations a daily practise and to fully immerse myself in the meditation journey, creating intention for positive change in myself, the lives of others, and the universe around me.

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