50 Days of Meditation is designed to assist in finding balance between mind, body and spirit. Creating Inner Balance something which came about from years of teaching yoga, meditation and natural living. It is there for us if we search it out, it’s the feeling of peace that underlies everything in life. It starts with peace of mind, which is a journey which starts with meditation.

Ruth Stanton, the voice of 50 Days of Meditation has been living in Adelaide since 2009, having moved from the UK where she trained in Karuna Yoga with Ruth White, of the Iyengar lineage, and Andrew Henley Meditation.

Ruth Stanton has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999. Ruth has since trained with many different teachers and schools of yoga and meditation, including an investigation of Satyananda, where the Yoga Nidra tradition originates from. Ruth’s interest has led to a detailed study of this subject, and her classes often include this deep guided meditation process.

Yin yoga is also part of Ruth’s journey – and she loves to teach this inward and quietening style of yoga. It’s meditative nature and focus on the breath and release of the fascia is a wonderful way to reconnect with the body.

Her nurturing and intuitive style will gently guide you through the 50 Days of Meditation.

There is joyful bliss inside our hearts, and meditation is the perfect way to find it.

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